Flask For Life

Cleenol's Flask for Life is our response as an environmentally conscious business to do something about the ongoing threat of plastic waste going into our oceans and landfills. Each year, more and more plastic waste is invading our environment and has a devastating effect on wildlife.

We have been offering heavy duty refill flasks as an alternative to disposable plastic bottles for over 10 years and we believe we need to push as many people to adopt this refill lifestyle.

Where possible, the use of recycled plastic is used in the manufacture of our bottles and packaging, this also means that all of our bottles and packaging used can be recycled and reused.

  • Cleenol’s Heavy Duty Refill Flasks play a major role in reducing single use plastics.
  • Refilling a heavy duty flask from a 5L container saves 10x500ml or 6x750ml flasks from going to waste.
  • It also saves costs – at least 60% cheaper than 6x750ml ready to use, and  over 90% cheaper than 6x500ml.
  • Cleenol’s Heavy Duty Refill Flasks and triggers are robustly made for long term use and include labels that are chemical resistant.