Quality Policy

Cleenol Group Ltd operates a Quality Management System which is documented, implemented and maintained ensuring compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements related to our activities, products and services. We aim to attain this through our quality management that complies with the international standard ISO 9001

The company:

  • Researches, develops and manufactures cleaning chemicals, distributes ancillary cleaning consumables, and also supplies, repairs and services Automatic Dosing Systems.
  • Recognises the need for a total quality system if it is to satisfy its customers’ requirements properly. This is achieved by a structured control system from receipt of an enquiry, order processing, design, manufacture and delivery.
  • Designs, develops, manufactures and markets products that conform to agreed client requirements for their intended use.
  • Have procedures ensuring conformance in all areas that affect product quality and to minimize the failure and rework by operating surveillance checks at all relevant stages of operation to assist defect prevention and early warning of non-conformances.
  • Employees are all jointly responsible for implementing the procedures within the quality system and are individually responsible for the quality of work produced by their section of the company. They are also responsible for ensuring, by adequate collaboration with other sections, that specific quality requirements and standards are achieved in all areas.
  • Is committed to continually improve the quality management system performance of our activities by establishing and reviewing objectives, targets, using feedback information, audit findings, monitoring and measurements.
  • Sets and reviews objectives, discusses non-conformances, training and resources, health and safety, company polices and audit findings at regular management review meetings which encourages employee feedback on potential deficiencies and possible improvements in our quality system
  • Communicates this policy and appropriate information to all employees and any persons working for or on behalf of Cleenol Group Ltd and to any interested parties.
  • Will communicate when changes are made in any Company policies or management structure which affects the quality system.
  • Has given the Quality Assurance Manager the authority and responsibility for coordinating the quality system, ensuring that all controls defined are implemented and maintained. He/she is also responsible for reviewing the status, adequacy and effectiveness of the quality system at regular intervals.